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ZZZ FREE – Drift Away To Sleep


App Name: ZZZ FREE – Drift Away To Sleep

Kid Tester Ratings: ***** 5/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ***** 5/5

Educational Value: Superior

Price: $FREE  ($0.99 upgrade later if desired)

Age Recommended: 0 and up

Skills Developed: Song repetition with Ease

App Tested on my iPad

Good Stuff About This App: I have been a Suzuki Music Mom for 18 years, and let me tell you… this app makes getting all of that listening done easy.  Really.  I remember spending hours “dubbing” my kids’ song onto cassettes so I wouldn’t have to rewind Cuckoo over and over for my 4 year old.  Then came the “automatic rewind tape”.  I thought I was in heaven.  (giggle)  Then I moved into making play lists on my computer media player and burning disc after disc of Bach Minuets.  More recently came the iPod dock with auto repeat.  The only problem I still had was that every night I still had to go into his room after he fell asleep to turn the machine off.   …….enter “ZZZ”.

It’s my happy day!  I open this program on my device and choose which song/songs (added from my iTunes) I want played that night.  Then I press play and…..voila!  Set it and forget it!  It’s so easy.

This program allows users to choose how long they want the fade out to last.  Yup, it slowly fades the music until it’s all gone.  Perfect for those who listen to music to go to sleep.  I Love it!


My Wish List:  This app does exactly what it says it will, but twice it has “frozen” on.  I hope that gets resolved in the next upgrade.  It froze my whole iPad.  Not sure why.  The free version has ads on it.  If you don’t want those, just simply purchase the app for $0.99



My Love: This program slowly fades the music so you don’t have to stay partially awake long enough to reach over and turn it off.  Yeah!  It’s a new kind of timer.  Love it.  It’s also nice and dark colored so it makes you sleepy just looking at it.

Summary: All-in-all we have decided that we really like this app for music repetition at night.  You know, I once heard that our brains stay “awake” to listening even 20 minutes after our body falls asleep.  For those of you trying to learn your music quickly… here’s a great way!


To purchase ZZZ  FREE on iTunes for iPad:Zzz - Drift away to sleep - 24/7 apps

To purchase ZZZ FREE on iTunes for iPhone:Zzz FREE - Drift away to sleep - 24/7 apps

If you have already downloaded and used this app, leave us a comment.  Thanks –


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