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Young Music Genius -Classical Wiz


App Name: Young Music Genius -Classical Wiz 

Kid/Teen Testers Ratings: *****  4/5

Mom/Teacher/Adult Ratings: *****5/5

Educational Value:  Superior

 4.5notesFun Factor: low MEDIUM high

Price:  $FREE

Recommended Ages:  3 and up

Skills Developed: Classical Music, Composers and Instrument Recognition

Reviewed on: iPad  (available for iPad )


Good stuff about this app: Where to start?  I can’t believe this app is FREE.  It’s really quite neato.  First good thing is that right when you open the app you are immediately greeted by the London Philharmonic performing Mozart right to you!  (Marriage of Figaro)

I know this app appears to be geared towards a younger crowd, but where was this when I was in my first music classes in college?  The practice/tests you can take questioning which musical masterpiece goes with which composer is invaluable.  I really could have used this game back then.

The choice to “learn” or “play” is given and you can get right to it.  There are a few different “games” within this app including one where you simply have to choose which classical instrument you are hearing.  Also, (my favorite) you listen to the masterpiece being played and you get to try and guess the correct composer.  I love this!  The progress page is pretty in depth and shows you how many times you have visited certain pages, etc.   The memory game is just as fun, and is quite interactive with the classical sounds of each card.

My Love: I absolutely love the chosen music for this app.  These developers have tried to make sure and include popular pieces by each composer.  These pieces can be recognized in all situations including background music in stores as well as movies and television commercials.  Bravo!

One really cool feature of this app is that there is a Kids Music Store that when clicked on it takes you to respective collections of musical works by the composers found within the app.  These are collections within iTunes, and each piece is priced at $.99 (not included with original app price).

Our Wish List:  We really want to know the pieces names (ex; Symphony #40 in G major) and WHO is performing it.  This app really gets your curiosity if you don’t already know the names…

We wish there were possibilities to see the “real” pictures of the composers and instruments as well as these cute cartoon ones.  That would top the cake if you asked me.  One of my sons was using the cartoon character/composer’s eyebrows to judge which musical piece was its equal, and I wondered if he could judge them correctly when given the real-life portrait.

Also, the pronunciation the kids have been using is really quite funny.  I wonder if there could be a way to tap on the composer name and have it pronounced.  One youngster I observed kept me giggling while exclaiming, “I knew it was Chop – in!”  Also, young ones who can’t read yet would actually gain a knowledge of who the composer is by name rather than by cartoon picture only.

Summary:  All-in-all we think this app is very educational and really quite spiffy.  Classical “legends” can be explored in a really fun way through this application.

Buy Young Music Genius on iTunes iPad for:  FREE"Young

Have you already downloaded this app and used it?  Leave your comments here and tell us what you thought of it.  Thanks!    -


  1. Hi ,

    I have a son that is using the Young Music Genius in school and loves it. However, we cannot find the app to down load it as it says in the error message; that it is no longer available in US.

    If you know anything about Autism, you know that these kids are able to decode music without even know how to read it.

    Alex happens to be one of those children; he memorizes every tune and can repeat it when the teacher calls on him.

    I was wondering how can I get an app that has been retired? This is for a positive reinforcement system I am putting in place for him.

    Looking forward to your feedback!

    All the best, Loretta

  2. Thats not the developer, X5 Music Group is the developer.

  3. Hi, have use the Young Music Genius -Classical Wiz ipad app with my work ipad. I have had to return that and now have an android tablet, Ae there any plans on porting this app to Android? My daughter would love to be able to keep using the app.

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