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Seuss Band


App Name:  Seuss Band

Kid Tester Ratings: ***** 5/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ***** 5/5

Educational Value: Superior

Price $.99

Recommended Ages: 4 and up

Skills Developed: Music Enthusiasm, Timing, Pitch

App tested on: iPad

Good stuff about this app:  Oh Ho! It’s RockBand/Guitar Hero for Dr. Seuss Lovers!  When I first opened this app I was immediately drawn in by the bright colors and fun shapes.  The Dr. Seuss voices are so fun, but honestly my favorite thing are the bouncing Seuss Horns.  The kids who tested this app with me had an absolute blast.  We worked and worked to get to the highest level on each song.  None of us were familiar with the music before hand, but we definitely have the hang of it now.  We have been playing it daily for the past 3 weeks.

Once you score high enough on a certain level of a song, you can go on and challenge yourself to either medium or hard levels.  Warning: the Hard Level is… Hard.  But oh so fun!  We even tried using the “2 people/4 hands” technique.  It was still so tricky until we really had the hang of the song. We have just laughed and laughed together while playing this app.

I was worried that the Seuss Horn instrument’s wobbly pitch would bother me (as a musician), but I only found it humorous and delightful.  A 10 year old studying piano would really get a kick out of this app.

Apparently you can pay to unlock more instruments and songs, but we noticed that once we scored high enough on the hard levels the app simply gave us new songs and instruments.  We currently have all of the songs offered unlocked just by playing and scoring high.



Our Wish List: We wanted to see our score while we were playing. But, it did give us some indication to how we were doing with words like “good” or “incredible”.  I don’t know how, but it just seemed like the octave jumps could be made more accessible by possibly positioning the lines of notes in rows (the highest up top, medium in the middle, and lowest down low).  This would put pitch more in perspective on a game like this.

Summary: All-in-all we absolutely love this app!  The bright colors and amazing graphics are enough to just suck you right in.  For those working on their musical skills, you’ll definitely have an advantage while playing Seuss Band.  Great work developers!

Purchase Seuss Band now on iTunes app store for: $0.99

Purchase for iPad: Dr. Seuss Band - Oceanhouse Media

Purchase for iPhone: Dr. Seuss Band - Oceanhouse Media

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