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Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

App Name:  Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer


Student Testers Ratings: ****  4/5

Mom/Teacher Ratings: ***** 5/5



Educational Value:  Superior

Price:  $2.99

Recommended Ages:  7+ to adult

Skills Developed: Rhythm Reading

Reviewed on: iPad/iPhone  (available for both)

I have been using this app myself as well as had four different music students of varying level test this app.  And, the consensus is…..(drumroll)… we really like it!

Good Stuff about this app:

Okay, technology is really cool and the maker of this app has really found a good use for it within the music education world.  The metronome is spot on and your job is to tap the rhythms you see to the beat.  The app detects how close you were to being on and gives you a score at the end of the exercise.  It is really easy to change the tempo by just sliding the metal bar up and down on the classical metronome.  You can change the tones of the drum you tap and it even has the ability to change for those who are left-handed !  Wow.  Maybe this app developer has thought of everything.

I thought the ear-training feature on this app was really cool…. and really kind of advanced if you want it to be.  I obviously could use it more often.  My scores weren’t so good at first.  You just listen to the rhythm being played and then “tap” “tap” yourself and see what score you get.  It gets very advanced once you notch the rhythm up.

When used in practice mode, users can just tap tap until they have it all ready to test.  Then, you simply start the metronome to take a test.  After the test, colored notes show up to show you where exactly you tapped.  It’s kind of unnerving for professional musicians to find out they aren’t always exactly on.  Practice, practice.  Then (a super-nifty feature) you touch the envelope provided and you can email your test to your teacher.  Seriously?  How cool is that.  They receive a graphic of what you did.


My LOVE:  Brains of today crave instant feedback and a do-it-yourself possibility.  This app has all of that.  No more need for a hovering instructor waiting to poke in when you’ve made a mistake.  This app politely lets you know by your score and a color-coded graphic of where your notes are.

Our Wish List:  The striving teenagers and adults have been really liking it.  I know rhythms can be exciting, but this app just doesn’t seem to leave the younger crowd craving more.    It could improve this by offering levels or something that drives you to either go faster, repeat more, or just try to make it to the next page of 3/4 times.  Think, think.  It is a very good tool for sight reading, the littler sized peops didn’t want to keep playing it on their own,  I can assign it as a teacher/parent and they’ll gladly do it though.

Summary:  This app is absolutely AWESOME for learning how to sight read rhythms.  I wish all of my students/children would spend 10 minutes a day on it.  Good Job RolfsApps!


Buy Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer on itunes for $2.99 Now:   

iPad: Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer - Rolfs Apps
iPhone: Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer - Rolfs Apps
Have you already downloaded this app and used it?  Leave your comments here and tell us what you thought of it.  Thanks!    -

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