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Rhythm Repeat

App Name:  Rhythm Repeat

RhythmRepeatKid/Teen Testers Ratings: ****  4/5

Mom/Teacher/Adult Ratings: **** 4/5


Educational Value:  Very Good

Fun Factor: low medium HIGH

Price:  $.99

Recommended Ages:  8 and up

Skills Developed: Rhythm Repetition

Reviewed on: iPad  (available for iPad, iPhone, iPod)

My 9 year old (drummer) son has kept me hopping with this one.  He is hooked.  We really liked this app this week!  It’s a simple “repeat this rhythm” game on steroids.

Good stuff about this app:

Trae and I worked on this app for more than a week now as well as some of my teen students.  There are more than 300 different melodies and rhythm patterns featured on this app.  The idea is to listen and watch as the pattern is played, and then repeat it back as accurately as possible by tapping the correct circles on the screen to the beat before time runs out.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong.  This game can really get advanced!  The more you get right, the faster it goes.

One thing we really liked is that once you have played the game quite a few times, you start getting the rhythms memorized.  This is really good for feeling successful.  It gets easier and easier each time to get to the next level.  We can easily get ourselves up to about 20,000 points at the time of writing this review.  But, my first game only netted me about 120 points.  So, as you can see – it must be fun, we played it a bunch.

RhythmRepeat iPhone

My Love: I love that my 9 year old worked on this for hours not even realizing that he was practicing steady rhythm, rhythm patterns, and memory.  Kudos to these types of games for these reasons.

Our Wish List: It would sure be great to have an even easier level included on this app.  Less “rhythmic” people may have a hard time with it.  The rhythm patterns are in sets of 8 beats.  Beginners can handle about 4 beats.

I would rather use this game in percussion mode (rather than piano or guitar), since my music brain has a hard time not assigning the certain notes to each circle.  That just got me all confused.

Summary: All-in-all it’s a fun game to play and strengthen rhythm pattern memory.  We had a ton of fun as a family seeing who could keep the high score of the day.

Buy RhythmRepeat on iTunes iPad now for:  $.99 Rhythm Repeat - Filpo Games

Or for iPhone for: $.99 Rhythm Repeat - Filpo Games

We found that this app also has a light version for: FREE
Click here for Rhythm Repeat Light iPad: FREE Rhythm Repeat Lite - Filpo Games
Click here for Rhythm Repeat Light iPhone: FREE Rhythm Repeat Lite - Filpo Games

Have you already downloaded this app and used it?  Leave your comments here and tell us what you thought of it.  Thanks!    -


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