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What is a Podcast?  POD= Portable On-demand Digital Media , mp3 to listen to.


Check these podcast interviews about the best of educational music apps out there.  I (Rebecca) am the host.



*If you have never listened to a podcast before, you’re in for a real treat.  Just click the little grey triangle next to the episode you want to listen to.  It’ll play for you.



Episode 4: Guitar learning has never been so much fun!  Interview with Christoph Thur of Wild Chords.  This app received our MusiciansWithApps FAVORITE award!

Podcast 04


Episode 3: We are learning to play the recorder from a great team of developers in Israel. Wow! This app has received the MusiciansWithApps FAVORITE award!  Chatting with Roey Izkovsky..

Podcast 03


Episode 2: Interesting interview with Luis Sampedro Diaz of Pluto Games, Inc. His app earned our prestigious award for FAVORITE APP. Great information!

Podcast 02


Episode 1: This Podcast is with James Everard from London in the UK. His app has received our prestigious award for FAVORITE APP. Listen and learn.

Podcast 01



  1. I can’t find the subscription feed in iTunes? Are these podcasts in RSS enclosures?
    Would love to subscribe and download to my iPhone so I can listen on the commute : )

    • Chuck, I have not put them into iTunes yet, but I will be putting a batch of 4 podcasts in as soon as I am approved. Hopefully on the 12th. Thanks for reminding me to hussle.

    • Chuck, I haven’t got it all up on iTunes yet but I did change the listen format so it is playable on iDevices and there is also a download option once play is pushed. I’m a-workin on it. :)

  2. Thanks! It is fun for me. :)

  3. Great job!! You sound like a real pro!

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