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NoteWorks Note Reading Game

This music education app review is for: NoteWorks

NoteWorks Music Note Reading App


NoteWorks - Azati Corporation  only available for iPad at the time of this review.

  Kid/Student Ratings: ****4/5

  Teacher/Parent Ratings: *****5/5


Educational Value: Excellent +


Price: $4.99

Recommended: 5 – 11  years (and older players who want to have some fun)

Skills Developed: Note Reading, Note Reading, Note Reading ALL Clefs!!


App Tested on iPad (available for both iPhone and iPad)


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  First off, might I say that one can never have enough “learn-your-notes” apps.  Seriously.  This is just another really, really great one.

Players begin by creating their own profile which allows them to decide if they want to play in ABC, Do Re Mi, or keyboard mode.  Then (this is the most awesome part) they get to choose which clef; treble, alto, grand, tenor, bass.  You have to admit that’s pretty fancy!  Finally, something for the violas, saxophones and trombone (etc) learners.  Way to go, developers!

Thee cutest little munchy creature bops out on the screen to get ready to swallow the notes players identify correctly as they come from the note-making factory- scrolling across the screen at a speed YOU get to designate.  I am a fan of great sound-effects, and it seems as if there are a bunch of them in this app.  Crunch, Munch.  :)





  Our Wish List:  The developers contacted me and let me know that a new version with a bigger keyboard would be in the next update- which is a good thing because within about 30 seconds of playing this app, my first tester came to me and said, “They need to make these keys bigger – my fingers are too fat.”  SO glad to know that these developers are right on top of their game and excited to make this app usable and fun (not to mention notably educational).  Also, some other feedback I received was that the kids wished there was some sort of indication that they were moving on to a new level.  They were expecting some excitement after passing each screen.


My Love:  I want to spread the word to the whole wide world that a FUN app with the alto and tenor clefs is here (not to mention the other clefs).  Can you hear me singing “Come-And-Get-It!”   Love, Love Love.


Summary:  All-in-all we feel you should throw away your flash cards… especially if you are a music teacher.  Kids will try harder, last longer, and learn more playing this app.  Get. It. For. Your. Teaching. Studios. Now.


Purchase NoteWorks on iTunes now for iPad for: $4.99 NoteWorks - Azati Corporation



Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!  Thanks –


  1. I have one boy piano student who just turned 5. At first the app seemed like a really great way to reinforce a newly learned note. But now he wants to purposefully get the note wrong just so he can see it on fire! I even tried a reward incentive but he didn’t care about the reward; all he wanted was to get the notes wrong to see the fire. I guess I am going to have to give the app a rest for a while until I figure something out. But I must say I really love this app!

    • Yes, actually I have given the feedback to the developer that the correct answer get the bigger reward. I hope all developers read this. It’s important to reward the kids in the right way for the right answers, for sure!

  2. Thanks! No more flashcards to lose, and the apps are just fun!


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