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My Note Games


App Name:  My Note Games


Kid Testers Ratings: ****  4/5

Mom/Teacher Ratings: ***** 5/5


Educational Value:  Superior

Price:  ($FREE introductory) or $5.99 (bundle)

Recommended Ages:  All (even though it is designed for kids, I used it for pitch training for myself with my voice, and found it challenging and really pretty darn fun).

Skills Developed: Note Reading

Reviewed on: iPad/iPhone  (available for both)

I have had several students, my own children, and myself test this app over the course of 2 weeks.  And, the consensus is…..(drumroll)… we LOVE it!

Good stuff about this app:

It’s true that my kids wanted to play the game for a very long time.  It is a very good note practicer.  We have been so excited that there are multiple instruments in this app (yeah!)  because we have many instruments going on in our home and in our studio as well.  (piano, guitar, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, oboe, bassoon, flute, violin, viola, cello, voice, and even whistling!)

This app is a bit more costly at $5.99, but way worth the bucks.  There are different areas of the app including tapping the letter name of the correct note shown on the staff, a tuner that uses your instrument specific note to gauge your pitch from, a section where you actually use your real instrument to play the notes you see on the staff (the microphone is really good!), and lastly a song section called “Play-A-Day”.

The testers in my home and studio really enjoyed the gold coin that rolls across the page when you get an answer correct, and the kids voices that shout the name of the note with you as you tap it are really kind of energetic.


My LOVE:  The immediate feedback you get on each note  is invaluable.  AND they have Winter Holiday/Christmas Carols too!  How fun is that?

Listen to the interview I had with the developer of this awesome game:

Episode 1: This Podcast is with James Everard from London in the UK. His app has received our prestigious award for FAVORITE APP. Listen and learn.

Podcast 01


Our Wish List:

We want more notes!  The flutes only just get started at level 18 which is the end of the game.  By then they have learned all of the notes that touch the staff.  That gives us just enough to feel greedy for more.

The kids were sad when the they reached the end of the game and nothing special happened.  Think, think.

I had a 5 year old boy who  “cheated” the game by simply pressing the button that wiggled when playing “Tap that Note”. There needs to be more thinking time or only have the note wiggle.  It gives away the answer.  (all other kids didn’t notice this at all)


All-in-all we give this app our FAVORITE APP award because of its true music education value and its hooking sequence. None of the kids wanted to stop “playing”.  Good Job, guys!

Musicians With Apps FAVORITE App Award



Summary:  This app is a mother and music teacher’s dream as far as getting their child/student to work on basic note-reading without getting bored.  They love it!




Buy MyNoteGames, iPad for $5.99 now! My Note Games - Appatta Ltd.

Buy for iPhone now! (below)
My Note Games - Appatta Ltd.


Side note:  MyNoteGames is FREE in a light version.  This review was done on the whole bundle- highly recommended. ($5.99)


Have you already downloaded this app and used it?  Leave your comments here and tell us what you thought of it.  Thanks!    -


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    • Your welcome! Thanks for visiting and come back again!

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    • I checked your music out. It’s great, David! Thanks for showing it to me. Keep up the great work. We need your music. :)

  4. The app includes treble clef only from what I have seen. Also, the app is free when first downloaded. You have the option of purchasing each game separately or as a package. The package is the best deal and is very good. The newest update includes Christmas Songs!


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