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MWA 003: Welcome to the Musicians With Apps Podcast!

Oh My Heck.  This app had us at “Hello”.Podcast Page


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Summary:  All-in-all we noticed this app was one that the learners kept begging to come back to.  So,… we awarded it our very prestigious award of FAVORITE APP.  Yeah!  These developers were right on the money when they came up with this idea.  I doubt learning the recorder has ever been more fun!   We start on just one single note, but by the end of the app (yes, I played all the way to the end) we know how to play tunes like “Ode to Joy”.   It’s just GREAT!


Episode 3: We are learning to play the recorder from a great team of developers in Israel. Wow! This app has received the MusiciansWithApps FAVORITE award!  Chatting with Roey Izkovsky..

  • His real-live inspiration for this app
  • His music and technology background
  • How this app will benefit you!

Roey is great.  What a talented team!


Check out the full written review and video here:


Podcast 003: Enjoy!

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