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Music Theory for Beginners

This review is for:  Music Theory for Beginners

Music Theory 

Kid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: **** 5/5


Educational Value: Superior

Price: $2.99

Age Recommended: (good readers) 5 to adult

Skills Developed:  All music theory related to how it is presented on the piano

App Tested on iPad


Good Stuff about this app:  Well, I have been waiting to find an app that has all the nitty-gritty music theory for students really studying music.  I found it!

Music Theory for Beginners is a HUGE app.  I can’t believe all of the skills involved.  It truly is amazing.  I was speechless the first time I opened it.

I wonder if theory workbooks will go out of “style”?  After seeing this app, the answer is “YES”.    The day has come for all to move over to the app world for many interactive education needs.

A knowledgeable owl guides you through the lessons and lets you know when you either chose a right or wrong answer.  My favorite is when he whistles at you to hussle.  :)

Skills presented (taught and tested) within this app:

*Note Reading

*Basic Harmony




*Ear Training



*Key Signatures

*Piano Performance


All of the above for only $2.99?  That’s crazy.  Crazy Great!


Our Wish List:  Of all the great features inside this app, the scoring is not my favorite.  When the students finish a particular test their score is displayed.  He received 3,300 points?  Out of what?  I wonder if this would be better marked as a percentage?    There is no draw to want to do better.  Kids will simply just move on not feeling that they should try to improve.

I also feel that more time should be given for answers.  This app is designed for beginners, after-all.

My last wish is that either the bass or treble clef questions have the ability to be disabled.  True beginners have not yet become comprehensive on both clefs.  And, there are far too many bass clef questions for this app to be excitedly used by flute, trumpet, violin, etc. studios.  This change alone would make this one of my favorite apps.


My Love:  I’m guessing the opening background music was composed by a Disneyland worker.  I feel as if I am entering the gates to the Magic Kingdom itself!  What a happy introduction to what could be (in the non-fun app world) an otherwise grueling task.  :)


Summary:  All-in-all we feel this app is off the chart amazing as far as superior music education.  Sheesh.  We couldn’t believe all of the skills taught and tested.  If you have a student learning piano, this app is an absolute must!  Theory tests will be no problemo after a few weeks playing this app.


Purchase Music Theory for Beginners on iTunes for iPad for: $2.99 Music Theory for Beginners -

Purchase Music Theory for Beginners on iTunes for iPhone/Pod for: $2.99 Music Theory for Beginners -

Have you already purchased, downloaded and played this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks -


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