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The very best music education apps are featured here within the walls of MusiciansWithApps.   Whether you are a teacher of music education or a student of music education, you will find all of the appropriate iOS apps here.

*Note that I do not feature the Media Channel here on this page.  If you would like to see the Press Releases of the apps I feel are appropriate for true music education, visit the page here.  The apps featured on the Media Channel page are different than the reviews apps on this site.  Media Channel


MusiciansWithApps podcast page includes interviews and knowledge from in fun MP3 style.  Click here to listen!


Quick list to all iOS MusiciansWithApps reviews for all of you wonderful people within music education:


Little Star HD- for babes, soothing music exploration

NoteWorks- chomper eats your notes as you identify notes

Sight Reading Trainer- for pianists all about sight reading

Hear It, Note It- more piano fun all about dictation

Dust Buster- fun piano games teaching you all about piano notes and songs

Wild Chords- for guitarists- so much fun playing guitar games

The House on Melody Street- interactive music book for young musicians

Blob Chorus- pick out the correct note sung by funny blobs

FlashNote Derby- Awesome way to practice your notes in a hurry.

Monkey Drum- Listen, watch and repeat the rhythms played. Make your own too.

Inversion Invasion- Fun way to practice your inversions- piano

Mozart Interactive- Love this exploratory app featuring one of our favorite mozart tunes

Irish Fiddler- Accomplished Irish Fiddler teaches you how to play some popular irish tunes

Sheet Music Direct– Cool way to read your sheet music right from your device

Musical Me- Music exploration for the young

Recorder Master- Teaches how to play the recorder.  FAVORITE APP** Podcast Interview #3

Do Re Memory – Simple app for learning notes on the musical staff

Chord Detector- Listens and detects chords in any given song (guitar)

Music Theory for Beginners – Tons of music theory skills and knowledge

Jazzy Day – Elementary knowledge of Jazz music

Fret Tester – Guitar/Bass/Mandolin

Cleartune – Tuner Music Gadget

Sound Recall – Pitch Memory Builder Game

Recorder – iOS Recorder, Gadget

Music Maximus – Symphony Orchestra knowledge

ZZZ – Drift Away to Sleep – music repetition

Pluto Learns Piano – Follow note shape on staff game  ***Favorite App** *Podcast Interview*#2

Dr. Seuss Band – Like Rock Band for Dr. Seuss Lovers

GlowTunes – Visual Arts and Harmonic Music all in one app

Metronome – Metronome Music Gadget

DooDah – Best notes on staff tool for the very young

Classical Genius – Classical Music Exploration

Piano Monkey – Learn Those Notes app

Rhythm Repeat – Rhythm Memory Game

My Note Games – All sorts of fun games for Note Reading  ***Favorite App** *Podcast Interview*#1

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer – Practice Sight Reading Rhythms


More of the best of music education apps will be featured here regularly.   Please check back often.  And, feel free to browse around the site.  You might just find something you really, really like!


  1. I think that you should include android apps as well.

  2. Also sight reading iOS app ‘Pitch’:

  3. I have a few more suggestions to add to the list.

    Music resources: Database of printouts of worksheets, exams, flash cards, exercises diagrams and games.

    Guitar toolkit: Guitar tuner, scales, chords.

    Tab Toolkit: Place to store and playback your sheet music. Sadly no way to print at the moment.

    Karajan: Ear training app.


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