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Music Ed App Irish Fiddler

This review is for:  Irish Fiddler

Music Ed App Irish Fiddler

Kid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: **** 4/5

Irish Fiddler - Marion Roche Martin $1.99

Irish Fiddler - Marion Roche Martin $1.99

Educational Value: Excellent


Price: $1.99

Age Recommended: All ages of violin/fiddle players 

Skills Developed:  3 Irish Fiddle Tunes are taught, ornamented, and put into a set

App Tested on iPad/iPhone


Good Stuff about this app:  For already established violin/fiddle players, this app is a gem.  The sweetest 15 year old and very accomplished Fiddler from Ireland takes you step by step through three popular Irish fiddle tunes so you can play them just as well.

Each of the tunes has 3 separate lessons and you can even print the music if you don’t want to just view it from your screen.

There is a listening lesson first where you can become familiar with the tune over and over.  Then there is a tutorial lessons where the instructor takes you bit by bit through the piece.  She encourages you to work on it over and over.

The last lesson in the app takes all 3 tunes and puts them together in a medley just as you would hear it being played at an Irish Ceili or dance.

My son took this app and easily conquered all 3 tunes.  What a happy sound!



Our Wish List:  I think violinists/fiddlers will enjoy learning from this informative app, but I really felt that she didn’t spend enough time on the ornamentation.  Most musicians who have gotten themselves to a proficient reading level can figure out the tune, but what makes it full of Irish flavor is the ornamentation.   The cuts, etc. are only briefly introduced.

My Love:  This  music lends itself to even more than just fiddle.  I am an Irish Whistle player and I zipped through this app really well also.  It’s fun to see an authentic Irish Fiddler play and ornament this one.  Love it!


Summary:  All-in-all we feel that $1.99 for an awesome fiddle lesson on 3 different Irish Tunes is incredible!  Get it for all of your violin players, they’ll be a hit at the next get together!


Purchase Irish Fiddler on iTunes for iPad for: $1.99 Irish Fiddler - Marion Roche Martin

Purchase Irish Fiddler on iTunes for iPhone/Pod for: $1.99 Irish Fiddler - Marion Roche Martin

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks –


  1. Hi ,

    I just wanted to let you know that Irish Fiddler 2.0 is now available.
    This new version of the App will teach you how to play three Irish jigs.
    For your convenience I am including a promo code for the App (R6RM4K9TY6RE)

    Thank you for your interest in the Irish Fiddler App and for sharing some really educational music Apps with us.

    Kind Regards,
    Marion Roche Martin

    • Ahh Thanks Marion. Can’t wait!

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