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Music App Review PianoTrainerHD

This music education app review is for:  Piano Sight Reading HD

Music Ed App Piano Sight Reading HD

Piano Sight Reading HD - James Porter

Kid/Student Ratings: ****4/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: *****5/5




Educational Value: Superior

Music Education App Rating 5 notes




Price: $1.99

Recommended: 5 years and up 

Skills Developed: Finding the notes from the staff on the piano keyboard quickly and efficiently.

App Tested on iPad (only available on iPad)


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  This app takes the skill of finding the correct keys on the piano to a whole new level.  The notes travel along the staff at the speed you indicate (lento, presto, etc).  Your job is to tap the correct key before the note reaches the double bar line.  It makes you concentrate really hard!

The developer has done a great job making sure that this app is superior piano education.  And, there is one skill a piano teacher insists their student knows… the notes and where they are!  Perfect, perfect.

Choice of treble or bass clef are given along with tempo, key, and how long you’d like to play the game.

I’d say this app is almost a must in piano-learning homes and studios.  You can’t beat this education for the price!




Our Wish List:  While this game is super educational and efficient, there isn’t as much fun factor as maybe could be.  The kids just aren’t asking to play it over and over.  Maybe because I, however created a game inside my music studio to see who could get the highest streak score and that did it.  They’re all over it now!  It is connected to the game center, and if you’re used to using that then this could be a way to keep it competitive.


My Love:  I absolutely LOVE that different key signatures can be used .. this is INVALUABLE to piano teachers!

I can see in-studio charts and contests already!  There is also a free play section that show you the note on the staff after you’ve touched the key on the keyboard.


Summary:  All-in-all we think this app has amazing educational content and a beautiful graphic to boot.  If you are a piano teacher or have piano learners in your home, you definitely need this app.  The learners I used this app on the past couple of weeks have ALL improved their note reading by far…. way far!


Purchase Piano Sight Reading HD for iPad on iTunes for iPad: $1.99 Piano Sight Reading HD - James Porter


If you’ve already downloaded and used this app, leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it!  Thanks –


  1. Tea, Anna, and Grace are the lucky winners this week!

    • Just received an email from the developer of Piano Sight Reading HD and he says he’ll put the app on sale for all of you this week!!! $0.99 Go get it!

  2. Tea, you won the last code I have!

  3. Thanks for entering, guys! Congratulations to Grace and Jennifer! I still have one more to give away though… I have a 5 way tie! Who wants it?

  4. I am so excited for this app. Many times it takes more than music time for students to learn their music. This might be the trick I need

  5. Hi, Your tutorials sounds great! Reinforcement, here we come!

  6. Thank you for introducing this app. I have 2 piano learners at home, a beginner and an advanced player. The beginner player plays the violin and needs help with reading bass clef while the advanced player always get intimidated by advanced key signatures. I’m excited to know that there is such an app that can help both of them. The free play section will be great for my youngest to explore the connection between a note on the piano and its counterpart on the staff. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  7. My students all love using my ipad. I use it in every lesson & they never get tired of learning with apps.

  8. This game would be the PERFECT transition between the staff-reading contest I had in March (using online games and iPad apps), and the “accidental” contest I’m having in this week’s group lessons (using Eggspert & “Accidental Adventure” from! Thanks!

  9. I am excited about this app in my piano teaching studio. Looks great! Thanks! :)

  10. Oh I would so love to use this with my boys! Thank you for the chance!!


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