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Music App Review Here It, Note It

This music education app review is for:  Piano Sight Reading HD

Hear It, Note It

Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.
Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.
Kid/Student Ratings: ***3/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ****4/5




Educational Value: Excellent +

Musicians With Apps Music Education Rating 4




Price: $1.99

Recommended: 7 years and up 

Skills Developed: Dictation.  Be able to place correct notes with counting on staff after hearing the sequence first.

App Tested on iPad (available for both iPhone and iPad)


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  I was so happy to hear of this app!  I don’t believe there is anything else like it out there.  If any of you have ever had to take a dictation class, you’ll love to know that practicing identifying the correct notes with the correct counting has now been made mobile, and in fun form!

In this app you get to listen to the piano play a given sequence of notes.  Then, your job is to place the correct notes on the staff WITH the correct counting.  When you think you have it right, tap the play button and you’ll get to find out if your musical IQ has increased or decreased.  It’s really pretty great.

The students I tested this app with ranged in age from 7 through 20.  I’ll be honest, the 7 years olds weren’t thrilled to play for very long, but the older they were the more they were determined to get their IQ higher and higher.

Dictation class in college can be kind of daunting for many students.  I’d say this app is a great solution and confidence booster.  Play it all month and watch your scores soar!



Our Wish List:  I’m not really familiar with IQ numbers so I didn’t know what number I was shooting for while playing this app.  It made it hard for me to be motivated to hit a certain number.  While this app is really great, it’s a little dry.  We felt there needed to be more visual or aural notice that you had completed a round successfully or not.  The younger kids especially could not discern if they had truly achieved a right or wrong answer even though you can watch the number change.  We think with a little more noise the student rating would have been much higher.


My Love:  We really liked how much exposure and control this app gives a player when placing their note on the staff.  You get to tap it and it will change from a quarter note to any other type of note you choose, for example.  Also, we just plain love that there is a fun way to practice notation from hearing only an aural example.  What a great app!!  What a great teaching tool!!   Good idea, developers!


Summary:  All-in-all we feel the skills practiced in this fun app shouldn’t be passed over.  Most learning musicians will benefit greatly from working on their musical IQ while playing Hear It, Note It!.  It really has a perfect place in the high-tech musical learning world.


**Note that this app was developed by the same team that created one of my all time favorite apps “My Note Games“.  It was one of my very first reviews.  Loads of updates since then.. it’s gotten even better than it was before!  LOVE IT.  See “My Note Games” review here.  And, listen to the podcast as well.  It’s kind of fun to hear the voice behind the app!  :)


Purchase Hear It, Note It! on iTunes now for iPad for: $1.99 Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.

Purchase Hear It, Note It! on iTunes now for iPhone/Pod for: $1.99 Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!  Thanks –


  1. Interesting find! My kids just started with a new piano teacher and they are, for the first time, asked to do dictation homework every week. They never get it right and kinda hate the homework. Hope this app can help them and give them the much-needed confidence boost.

  2. Sounds like a game for the older students.

  3. Downloading my new iPad with music apps for studio purposes is so exciting! I’m open to all kinds of materials for reinforcement/teaching purposes.

  4. This looks great for my younger kids. I always look forward to you posts because there are SOO many apps out there! Thanks

  5. I’d love to be able to use this app.

  6. Definitely something to try out with my intermediate & up students.

  7. I had bought this app at the same time I bought their note app after reading your review and watching your video. (My students enjoy the note app by the way) I was thrilled with the whole dictation ability. I haven’t had a chance to use it with students yet, but am looking forward to it. Thanks for the review!

  8. This sounds like one I would even use myself! I actually like that it’s more appealing to older kids, as a lot of the apps I’ve purchased lately are geared more toward the younger ones.


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