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Maximus Musicus

App Name: Music Maximus

Kid Tester Ratings: ***** 4/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ***** 5/5




Educational Value: Superior

Price: $0.99

Age Recommended: 1 and up

Skills Developed: music exploration, music appreciation, repetition skills, instrument identification, symphony orchestra introductions

App Tested on iPad/iPhone


Good Stuff about this app:  How charming!  This app is absolutely adorable.  Maximus the mouse guides you into a wonderful world of orchestral music (performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra).  In this app, there are several different areas to be explored including playing games with instruments such as a harp, xylophone, and piano.  This app really is very appropriate for several different ages.  I envision many parents using this as story time for their youngest ones (age 2-5).  I also can see how much value this app would have in a school environment when exploring orchestral music.  There are so many neat little tid-bits of information inside this app.  I even learned that Pandora’s Box wasn’t really a box at all!

This app is designed for opening a world of orchestral music through mini-games within.  There are board puzzles (with fabulous symphony orchestra music playing in the background), imitation game-play on different instruments, and more.  One of the fun little games within is “Maxi’s Dream”, where Maximus is riding on a mallet (for percussion).  He is dreaming of cheese and has to fly over the yellow cheese wedges.  If he accidentally gets the green cheese, it says he has a tummy ache.  The youngest ones really thought this was fun!


My wish list: Knowing that this game was made by real musicians, I expected all of the instrument sounds within this app to be real instruments.  That is not the case in the game of “Mystery Box” where you must listen to the instrument being played and then pick the correct one.  Honestly, the kids I tested this with couldn’t tell the difference between some of them since it only sounds like the octave is different (computer generated tones).  Hmmm… is this a possible future upgrade?  Because it would be a top of the list app if so.

My Love: The wonderful artwork in the app coincides with the picture books available by these same developers.  The fact that they have dedicated their musical careers towards children and symphony music education makes me stand and applaud!

Summary: All-in-all we think this app is precious and really very good.  Elementary Ed teachers would be in heaven if they could use this during their orchestra units.  I think it’s the perfect bed time story for young ones as well.  Speaking of stories, apparently Maximus has more books out all encouraging symphony orchestra skills and appreciation.


To purchase Maximus Music on iTunes for iPad/iPhone for: $0.99 Maximus Musicus - Fancy Pants Global


Have you already downloaded and used Maximus Music?  If so, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks –


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