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iOS Apps for Music Education

The best of music education is here!  I am thrilled to see so many developers working on true music education apps for iOS devices.

It is an honor to be in the front of the app world watching 21st century education unfold.

I have always been a serial-learner and a go-getter both.  With how simple it is to get my hands on otherwise impossible to find education, I feel exhilarated to say the least.

I watch the light bulbs go on quicker and quicker in my students and children.  It’s almost sad that we didn’t have this kind of technology a few years ago.  We have no excuse not to learn anything we desire.

If you are part of this new education world, I applaud you!

IOS apps made just for music education are a culmination of everything I have always wished for: education and entertainment.  I like things to be fun.  Most people do.  If you know of someone who doesn’t, they are probably a very boring and serious person.

If you happen to have found this article and you agree with me, hop on over to the home page of this site where you will find a brand-spanking new list of music education apps I have personally put my stamp on.

I endorse all of the apps within the walls of this MusiciansWithApps site.  They are truly educational and many of them are so much fun it’ll knock your socks off!

How many times have you learned to play an instrument by playing a game?  It’s not how I learned, but I will say that I see many children today being exposed to this type of learning, and it is addicting to them!

Practicing an instrument is still practicing, but there is not so much rote boringness needed anymore.  For example; I wanted one of my students to work on his pitch of the note C on his instrument.  He was extremely sharp.  He was kind of rolling his eyes until I brought out the iPad.  He immediately brightened up.  We played a game where he would “aim” his notes at birds as they passed through a target.  The app only would hear him if his C was on tune.  BRILLIANT!

I could give examples all day long of the creative and inspiring things I have seen the musician-techies come up with in the last few months.  I am in awe!



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