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Inversion Invasion

This review is for: Inversion Invasion


Music Ed Inversion InvasionKid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: *** 4/5

Inversion Invasion - Jambots FREE


Educational Value: Excellent



Music Ed App Rating 4 notesPrice: $Free (with ads)

Age Recommended: 5 – 13

Skills Developed:  Piano chords: Major Triads, Minor, Sus, 7ths, and inversions of all.

App Tested on iPad (designed for iPad only)


Good Stuff about this app: This app was designed for young game enthusiasts who are learning to play the piano.  Teachers who require that students learn their chords will flip for this game.  First, it sucks you in with astronaut talk and then a mechanical voice states that you are going to have an “inversion invasion”.  The idea is then to play the correct chords on the keyboard (on the iPad).  Each piano key hit triggers a ray gun and blasts the alien who is in its path.

How much fun is that?  Pretty darn, if you ask me.

I had 2 younger boys play this game as testers.  They were sucked in immediately.

The good thing is that you don’t really have to have your chords and inversions memorized before playing this game.  It teaches you just by repetition of the game.




Our Wish List:  I watched the kids play though mission 8 and started wondering why there wasn’t a feature that would give more points to those who could identify the chord correctly before the aliens showed them the keys.  It seems that there was no motivation to think of it on their own because the aliens would pop on and reveal the answer.


My Love:  I love an app that will get a 10 year old boy to practice his chords and their inversions for a half of an hour without getting bored.  Nuf said.  :)


Summary:  All-in-all we feel that this app is really quite cool and targets an audience of learners who are attracted to games like this.  Chords and their inversion can be a difficult skill to master quickly, but that seems to be no problem after using this app for a week or two.


Purchase Inversion Invasion on iTunes for iPad for:  $FREE Inversion Invasion - Jambots


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  -

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