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Increase Your Speed of Learning Music by Using an App

Can music education apps really increase the speed of learning?

The answer to this is a most definite yes.

Researching, testing, and observing students who use apps to enhance their skills as learning musicians are rising, and seem to be extremely enthusiastic about it.

It has been noted that the musical skills being repeated on a device equipped with a music education app are quickly learned and deposited into short term memory.    The student then continues to “play” the app for a longer amount of time since the presentation is often quirky or fun.

Much like most rote memory, these musical skills are not transferred to long-term memory until the skill has been repeated a sufficient amount of time.  The chances of this happening while using an app device are sky high vs. the old school method (without modern devices).

When a young child encounters a paper with music written on it, unless they have been trained to know what it is they will not understand and quickly become bored or disregard it.  On the other hand, if the same young child comes across the exact written music on, say an iPad the results would be astounding.  The child can touch the notes and they come to life giving immediate feedback that the writing is symbolic of the sound being heard.

App developers in the music field are extremely creative and knowledgeable as to what is engaging to a young learning musician.  After-all, accomplished musicians started back at square one sometime in their life.  And, they haven’t forgotten it.

The effort being put into stimulating music education apps is inspiring to say the least.

The days of boring, long, arduous music practice sessions are slowly disappearing in our modern world and new life has been breathed into discovering what makes music so ingenious.

The number of talented and not-so talented pop musicians is growing ten-fold daily with access to trendy movies, radio, and other types of social media.

Wouldn’t it be great if these musician wannabes really knew their stuff?

The theory behind the making of organized music is important and is what makes melodies attractive.  The more skilled the musician, the more well-received their performance will be.

With the technology available today and in the near future, we can only see confidently that the sky will be the limit.  Apps can take a musician where they only dreamed of going.

Check some of them out for yourself if you are interested in also increasing your music-based knowledge.

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