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App Name:  GlowTunes

Kid Tester Ratings: ***** 5/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: *** 3/5

Educational Value: Very Good

Price $.99



Recommended Ages: 10 and under

Skills Developed: Music Exploration and Composition

App tested on: iPad/iPhone (available on Android Market also)

Good Stuff About This App: This app is quite a fun novelty.  You get to light up little colored squares or circles (each one is assigned a pitch) on a grid.  Then push play, and … voila-  Music happens!  It’s like colorful palette of pitches.  I said “good-bye” to my iPad one night when I allowed a 7 year old girl  to play with this app one night.  She refused to give it back!  She loved it so much and had so much fun creating colorful pictures that “sung” to her.  On the flip side- I gave it to an 8 year old boy, and he was done within 10 minutes.  There is a side of you that tugs at wanting to try new combinations of patterns and lights just to see what it will sound/look like.  Neat!  There are many different instruments you can play on here (only some are included at this $.99) price.

Our Wish List:  We wondered if we could “hear” the pitch while selecting the square/circle.  It would have helped with real music composition.

Summary:  All-in-all this is a really fun music exploration app  integrated with visual arts.  The fact that the youngsters felt their creative juices flowing intensely while playing it shows us that we could use more of this type of stimulation while in our development years… besides, it’s fun!


Purchase GlowTunes on iTunes App store for: $.99

click here for iPad:GlowTunes - Chris Martone

click here for iPhone:GlowTunes - Chris Martone

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it.  -



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