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Giveaway today! Piano Sight Reading HD

Musicians With Apps giveaway


Okay my piano-loving friends:  Here is how you can win one of three promo codes I have to giveaway today for Piano Sight Reading HD.  (iPad only)

1. First, read the review for this app on this page and leave a comment about how excited you are to use this app in your piano-learning or teaching endeavor.

2. Like musicians with apps on facebook and leave a comment or two, or three…

3. Be my twitter friend and tweet me that you want this awesome app.  MusiciansWApps on Twitter


Piano peeps with the most points first wins! (by wednesday midnight MST)


I’ll choose the winners tomorrow… so get started and make sure to let your friends know also!




  1. Tea got the last one… The developer just emailed me and says that he will put the app on sale for you all this week! $0.99 go get it!

  2. Thanks for entering, guys! Congratulations to Grace and Jennifer! I still have one more to give away though… I have a 5 way tie! Who wants it?

  3. I am so excited to find your site. Want to start using my iPad with summer lessons.

  4. Hi: Was I ever excited to review your site today! I am, as of last week, the proud owner of an iPad! And it’s just waiting to see the great apps. available for me to use in my studio. Where do I start? Which are great theory apps? Hope that my students are as revved up as I am. Thanks.

    • So happy a music friend told me about this sits!!

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