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Q: Do the apps featured on this site work on an iPod touch?

A: Yes, simply click on the download button that is for iPhone.

More info:  Always check before purchasing that the app you are downloading is compatible with your device.  You can find this information on the left side of the screen under the price and logo image of the app in question.

Even more info:  There are two sections within the app store on iTunes.  One is the iPad section, the other is the iPhone section.  The iPad section is only for iPads.  The iPhone section, however is for iPhone, iPod touch, and also iPad.


Q: Can these apps be played on a Mac or PC?

A: No.

More info:  The only way any of these games/applications could be used on a desktop or laptop is if the developer has written a totally separate program to be used on computer.  Some of them have.  You can always check into it.


Q: What if I accidently download an app for iPad and I only have an iPhone.  Can I get a refund?

A:  From what I have seen, iTunes does not give refunds.  Just be careful to read whether the app in question is compatible with your device before purchasing.


Q: Can I download apps onto my smart phone touch? (not an iPhone)

A: Some apps can be run on both the iPhone and Android platform.  Be careful though, there are many that cannot be used on both.  How many of you watching this site have Androids?  Let me know…


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