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Ear Trainer 2.0

Ear Trainer - Dev4Phone For Iphone
Ear Trainer - Dev4Phone For Ipad
Ear Trainer is an application for the iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch designed to help train your musical ear. Ear Trainer is aimed at musicians, music students and anyone interested in musical theory and improving their musical ear. Ear Trainer includes lessons and exercises for interval comparison, interval identification, chord identification, chord inversion, chord progressions, scales and relative pitch.

Exercise levels range from beginner to very advanced. As a beginner, Ear Trainer will guide you and recommend exercises to help you gradually improve your skills. More advanced users can focus on different areas of the application or select to start training at a higher level.

Each exercise is preceded by a short introduction which explains its intent as well as shows, and plays, an example on the app’s virtual piano. This gives the user a better understanding of the meaning behind each particular lesson before they start.

When an exercise is complete the users’ statistics are saved allowing them to track their progress and easily return to areas that need more training. Ear Trainer indicates when a user is ready to move on to the next lesson.

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