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Dust Buster Music Ed App for Piano

This music education app review is for:  Dust Buster


Dust Buster Music Ed App for Piano
Piano Dust Buster – Song Game - JoyTunes
Kid/Student Ratings: ***** 5/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: *****5/5




Educational Value: Superior

Music Education App Rating 5 notes




Price: $FREE

Recommended: 4 years and up 

Skills Developed: Reading that piano music!  Identifying note names, reading staff line notation, playing songs, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, memorizing key locations on the piano.

App Tested on iPad


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  From Old McDonald to Swan Lake and Vivaldi this app has quite a range.  I’d say learning where the notes are on the keyboard is a cinch with this app.

I’ve shown this app to many parents and students over the course of the past couple of weeks and they all agree that it is muy excelente!

The cutest little old lady and her dusting mop “whack” the notes as they travel down to the time line.  Your job is to play the note right on time while the accompaniment is playing.

When in Germ-Attack mode you’re allowed to use the keyboard on the iPad to play, but you can choose to play  piano mode where you have to use the real piano.  Yup, the real thing!  Just plop your iPad right on there and play away!

Then as you improve you can choose to play the tunes by watching the music on the staff.  Eeek, it really can give your brain some exercise.  What great education and fun!!

These are the same developers to bring us Recorder Master a few weeks ago (one of my all-time favorite apps), mand they’ve put this one out for FREE again.  (smile!)




Our wish list:  Um…… having a hard time thinking of something on this one.   I can usually think of something, but I’m stumped on this one!


My Love:   I love the accompaniments, practice mode, performance mode, and even the metronome mode!  Who would have thought you can have fun while only playing with the click metronome.  Those little germs keep your focus and attention right where they are supposed to be… on the keyboard!


Summary: All-in-all, we are loving this app so much that we’d like to say HOORAY for techie musicians!  The selection of songs is really quite large and includes many standards in piano repertoire.  Learners will love playing dust buster!


Purchase Dust Buster on iTunes for iPad (iPad only) for: $FREE Piano Dust Buster – Song Game - JoyTunes


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment to let us know how you liked it.  Thanks-

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