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App Name:  DooDah

Kid Testers Ratings: *****  4/5

Mom/Teacher/Adult Ratings: *****5/5

Educational Value:  Superior

 4.5notesFun Factor: low MEDIUM high

Price:  $FREE

Recommended Ages:  1 and up

Skills Developed: Note Placement and Pitch Recognition Treble and Bass Clef

Reviewed on: iPad (available for iPhone as well)


Good stuff about this app:

This app is a super alternative to those flash cards.  It not only is great for visual music staff/notes exploration but can be used for pitch recognition as well.  I love it because the kids enjoy watching DooDah as I quiz them on their notes (during lesson).  Parents love it because its another great app they can feel good about having their young one spend time on.

This app is definitely for the younger crowd (from age 1), and in my Suzuki Music Teaching Studio it’s super useful!  I have children from age 3 and 4 learning their notes from DooDah.  Now, mind you that this app is most educational when used in conjunction with a teacher or parent who can help them identify the notes by name since DooDah doesn’t give the name but instead plays the pitch.  Genius.  I had my young students look at where DooDah was sitting.  They then guessed the name of the note and confirmed the pitch name by playing the note on their instrument.  Allow the student to tap DooDah so he can do his dance and the note is complete.  It is a fabulous 5 minute starter game for lessons!

Our Wish List:  We really like DooDah how it is.  However, I have observed some of the youngest children being confused about whether DooDah is ON the line for in BETWEEN.  This is because of his size and the fact that his legs hang lower.  I had to tell the children to watch where his sunglasses were.  If he were a tad bit smaller, it would clear all confusion.


Summary:  All-in-all DooDah is a great learning tool for the very youngest of musicians.  Parents and Teachers can use it in many different ways, and the kids are captured by DooDah’s cuteness.  Note recognition and pitch just became that much easier!


Get DooDah now at the App Store for:  FREE!

iPad: DooDah - Stacey Jett

iPhone: DooDah - Stacey Jett

If you already have this app, leave us a comment and let us know what you think of it. :)

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