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Do Re Memory

This review is for:  Do Re Memory


Music Ed App DoReMemoryKid/Student Ratings: *** 3/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: **** 4/5


Educational Value: Excellent


3 and 1/2 notes

Price: $0.99

Age Recommended: All Ages 

Skills Developed:  Treble and Bass Clef Note Reading in either ABCDEFG or do re mi

App Tested on iPad


Good Stuff about this app:  If you are not into all the “fluff” with music education apps, then this is the app for you.  It gets right to the point.  Do you know your notes or not?

Players are asked to tap the proper spot on the staff (in either treble or bass clef) to show they know where the note is.  The notes then pop up in a bright golden ring and you get either a green check mark (meaning Correct) or a red X (meaning incorrect).

It’s very easy to use and a really great tool for learning those notes.

There is a little pop-up page you can use to help yourself remember the order of the notes using the old tips: FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine, etc.

-OR- You can tap the page to change it all over to Solfege (do re mi).  This is super handy!

Music Ed App DoReMemory3

Music Ed App DoReMemory2

Music Ed App DoReMemory1







Our Wish List:  Maybe this app was intended only for piano students, but it is confusing for students of other instruments to figure out what notes “High G”, etc are.  There are no octaves designated here so the word “High” or “Low” could mean anything to different instrumentalists.  I wonder how this could be better accommodated?  Think Think..

My Love:  I love how easy it is to use.  I can hand my iPad to a student who is on the waiting bench and they can get through about 100 notes or more in just the couple of minutes they have to wait for their lesson to begin.  It’s a super no-nonsense tool for getting those notes down.

*Hint for music teachers: I always keep a pair of earphones with my device so the students can practice in private while they wait.

Summary:  All-in-all we think this app is very sensible and to the point.  I know of many workbooks trying to achieve the same skill of memorizing the notes on the staff who can’t do as good of a job as this app.  The student gets instant feedback, and you can plow through hundreds of notes in no time!  Worth every bit of its $0.99, if you ask me.


Purchase DoReMemory on iTunes for iPad for: $0.99 DoReMemory - Stacey Jett

Purchase DoReMemory on iTunes for iPhone/Pod for: $0.99 DoReMemory - Stacey Jett

Have you already purchased and used DoReMemory?  Please leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks!  -



  1. Silly me. When I saw the “Do Re” part, I thought someone had sampled Julies Andrews from Sound Of Music. After entering your notes, you’d get Julie singing back to you.
    Now I have Julie Andrews stuck in my head, relentlessly singing the guitar riff from Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill…

  2. Hi when are you going to create apps for android pc tablets

    • Good Question!!! How much interest is there?

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