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I am an active teaching and performing musician. I also have years of experience in the writing for music education field.  I have published several music theory books of my own.   If you need help with beta testing my services are available for $60 per session.  Also, for those who may need help tweeking your app so that it is most educational and understandable, I am more than happy to give my feedback.

If you need help making your app easily understandable in the English (American) language, I can help there as well.  Contact me and we will connect.

I am extremely observant and have an eye (and ear) for what works in this field.  Don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

I am proud of what you app developers are doing for the world of music.  Thank You!


If you are lucky enough to be featured in a full review here on my site (not press releases), you have my permission to use this badge as bragging rights on your own site:



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