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Cleartune Tuner

 App Name: Cleartune  (Tuner)


 Teacher/Parent Ratings: ***** 5/5




Educational Value: Superior

Price: $2.99

Age Recommended: All Musicians

Skills Developed: Intonation

App Tested on iPad/iPhone


Good Stuff about this app: Cleartune is my absolute favorite tuner!  I have 3 different ones on my iPad.  The dial on it doesn’t go wiggling out of control like some of the other ones I have.  It apparently has a really strong input for sound because it can hear you even if there is some other noise in the room.  Funny thing I noticed at my last studio recital- my accompanist was using her iPhone on the piano as the students lined up to tune.  COOL.

I really like that there are options on this app for changing the notation.  You can move from English to fixed or moveable Do Solfege.  There is also a setting for Northern European (-es) or (-is).  Apparently the French have a different Solfege as well?  It’s on there too!

The developers of this tuner have apparently thought of everything.  I don’t even know what some of the settings are… but I don’t need them.  It works really, really well.


Our Wish List:  Well,…. I’m at a loss here.  It’s a tuner, and it’s awesome.

My Love: This tuner is so good (and inexpensive) that I had all of the parents and teen students in my studio (with iPhones) download this tuner.  No one even hesitated.  It’s an incredible value and so handy!

Summary:  All-in-all we think Cleartune is FABULOUS.  Every musician should have their musical tools in their pocket ready to be used at all times.  Just my little ol’ opinion.  :)


Purchase Cleartune on iTunes for iPad: $2.99 Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner - bitcount

Purchase Cleartune on iTunes for iPhone: $2.99 Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner - bitcount

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks -



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