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Chord Detector

This review is for:  Chord Detector

Chord Detector

Kid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: *** 3/5


Educational Value: Excellent


3 and 1/2 notes

Price: $2.99

Age Recommended: All Ages of Guitar Players

Skills Developed:  A quick guide to the chords in selected tunes

App Tested on iPad


Good Stuff about this app:  My guitar playing/teaching son gave this one a test for a few days a couple of weeks ago.  This is what he said when he first opened the app:  “My life has just been changed forever.  This technology is incredible!”

And, incredible it is.  This app takes any selected tune (from your iTunes) and detects the chords that go along with the melody.  It then shows them to you in an “almost timely” manner with the fingerings and everything.  Really?  Yah.

Although musicians should understand that there are multiple chord ideas/shapes found within certain melodies, this app gives you a guide to go on.

If you are a musician/guitar player who has ever spent hours working out the chords to a favorite song, then your life will have changed a bit as well after using this app.  It’s like having your own personal guide to chord ideas within any melody.







Our Wish List:  Well as amazing as the technology is within this app, it’s just not really that accurate.  I’m not going to complain too much though because the you can avoid many brain cramps while working out the chords of certain tunes.

We tested it on tune after tune.  It was wrong on many of the chords used in complicated classical music, but pretty darn accurate for more simple bluegrass and blues.  It seems to be following the melody.  (even if a guitar is being played in the recording)

We will be watching the updates to see what improves because this idea is just really nifty.


My Love:  This app has a capo function on it!  Yeah!!  It has to be the very best feature here.  You can capo your guitar while using this function which helps you be able to use more familiar chord shapes.  Cool!

Summary:  All-in-all we really think the technology used in the making of this app is just the beginning of a bridge to new music education.  How much more simple life is becoming.  Good job developers!


Purchase Chord Detector in iTunes for iPad/iPhone/iPod for: $2.99 Chord Detector - Guitar Chords - Martian Storm Ltd.

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  If so, please leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Thanks -


  1. Music is my life

  2. Great App…a breath of fresh air in the “hit and miss” market of music on itunes. Any chance this app will be ported to Android?


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