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Music App Review Here It, Note It

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This music education app review is for:  Piano Sight Reading HD

Hear It, Note It

Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.
Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.
Kid/Student Ratings: ***3/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ****4/5




Educational Value: Excellent +

Musicians With Apps Music Education Rating 4




Price: $1.99

Recommended: 7 years and up 

Skills Developed: Dictation.  Be able to place correct notes with counting on staff after hearing the sequence first.

App Tested on iPad (available for both iPhone and iPad)


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  I was so happy to hear of this app!  I don’t believe there is anything else like it out there.  If any of you have ever had to take a dictation class, you’ll love to know that practicing identifying the correct notes with the correct counting has now been made mobile, and in fun form!

In this app you get to listen to the piano play a given sequence of notes.  Then, your job is to place the correct notes on the staff WITH the correct counting.  When you think you have it right, tap the play button and you’ll get to find out if your musical IQ has increased or decreased.  It’s really pretty great.

The students I tested this app with ranged in age from 7 through 20.  I’ll be honest, the 7 years olds weren’t thrilled to play for very long, but the older they were the more they were determined to get their IQ higher and higher.

Dictation class in college can be kind of daunting for many students.  I’d say this app is a great solution and confidence booster.  Play it all month and watch your scores soar!



Our Wish List:  I’m not really familiar with IQ numbers so I didn’t know what number I was shooting for while playing this app.  It made it hard for me to be motivated to hit a certain number.  While this app is really great, it’s a little dry.  We felt there needed to be more visual or aural notice that you had completed a round successfully or not.  The younger kids especially could not discern if they had truly achieved a right or wrong answer even though you can watch the number change.  We think with a little more noise the student rating would have been much higher.


My Love:  We really liked how much exposure and control this app gives a player when placing their note on the staff.  You get to tap it and it will change from a quarter note to any other type of note you choose, for example.  Also, we just plain love that there is a fun way to practice notation from hearing only an aural example.  What a great app!!  What a great teaching tool!!   Good idea, developers!


Summary:  All-in-all we feel the skills practiced in this fun app shouldn’t be passed over.  Most learning musicians will benefit greatly from working on their musical IQ while playing Hear It, Note It!.  It really has a perfect place in the high-tech musical learning world.


**Note that this app was developed by the same team that created one of my all time favorite apps “My Note Games“.  It was one of my very first reviews.  Loads of updates since then.. it’s gotten even better than it was before!  LOVE IT.  See “My Note Games” review here.  And, listen to the podcast as well.  It’s kind of fun to hear the voice behind the app!  :)


Purchase Hear It, Note It! on iTunes now for iPad for: $1.99 Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.

Purchase Hear It, Note It! on iTunes now for iPhone/Pod for: $1.99 Hear It, Note It! - The Aural iQ Game - Appatta Ltd.


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!  Thanks – Rebecca

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Monkey Tunes Music Ed App Review

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This review is for: Monkey Tunes


Monkey Tunes Music Ed App
Monkey Tunes - GOPANGO
Monkey Tunes - GOPANGO
Kid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: *** 3/5



Educational Value: Excellent

Musicians With Apps Music Education Rating 4



Price: $0.99  (also available free in lite version)

Age Recommended: 3 and up

Skills Developed:  Memory of sequence of instruments played by the monkey

App Tested on iPad  


Good Stuff about this music ed app:  This cute monkey lives on an island where a cargo crate full of instruments was dropped.  The monkey plays each instrument and the idea is that you attempt to play back the instruments in the correct order he played them in.  FUN!!

As you play, the sequences get a little bit longer, and more instruments are added.  The kids I tested this with just giggled and giggled the whole time they were playing this app.

Memory skills are critical in music education, and this app fits the bill for sure!  A perfect game for the waiting room of any music school.




Our Wish List:  The instruments all take up one beat in the sequences but the guitar that the monkey plays uses up more than one beat, so sometimes you can’t hear the other instrument when it plays.  When two guitars are played in a row, they overlap which is quite confusing to the younger students.  I hope the developers see this and fix it.  It’s such a great game otherwise.


My Love:  I love that there are so many levels, and that it is not too complicated to pass them one at a time.  The monkey plays in different places (beach, circus, etc.) after so many levels are passed.  Lots of levels for these kids – they love that!


Summary:  All-in-all we feel that Monkey Tunes is a fun, motivating game that stimulates memory skills while using music instrument sounds and visuals.  It’s a pretty darn okay app.  The kids love it!  :)


Purchase Monkey Tunes in iTunes for iPad for: $0.99 Monkey Tunes - GOPANGO

Purchase Monkey Tunes in iTunes for iPhone/Pod for: $0.99 Monkey Tunes - GOPANGO


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!  Thanks -Rebecca

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Music Ed App Review Monkey Drum

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This review is for: Monkey Drum FREE  (There is also a deluxe version of this app)

Music Ed App Monkey Drum

Kid/Student Ratings: **** 5/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: **** 4/5


Monkey Drum - Flippfly, LLC FREE iPhone

Monkey Drum - Flippfly, LLC FREE iPad


Music Education App Rating

Educational Value: Excellent



Price: $Free 

Age Recommended: 4 – 12

Skills Developed:  Rhythm exploration, percussion instrument exploration, rhythm repeat, percussion song composition

App Tested on iPad 


Good Stuff about this app:  I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about this app at first.  I am always analyzing for educational content. But I’ll tell you that after watching my son and a couple of cousins return to it over and over for fun and creativity, it has won me over.   And, I love that it is FREE.  (no ads)

The idea is that you “jam” on real sounding percussion instruments and little jungle animals copy your rhythm exactly back to you.  The animals have funny reactions as you are allowed to feed them bananas to reward them.  It really is pretty cute.  The young boys seem to really enjoy these reactions.

The best part of the app is the composition section where you create songs using a vertical grid.  You can then save your songs and watch the animals perform them for you.  It’s really pretty darn fun.

I have a 10 year old drummer in the house and he can’t keep his hands off this app lately.


Our Wish List:  The composition area of the app seemed hard to navigate at first.  It was unclear what to do or how to save the songs created.  The kids also didn’t understand that you could make several sections to each song, but after playing with it for a while (and clicking the help button), we got it figured out.

My Love:  I really love the composition page of this app.  It’s great that you can earn/unlock more instrument the more you play.  There is a tempo control, and it appears that your compositions can have endless sections to them.  The kids have really had a hay day with it!

Summary:  All-in-all we think percussion enthusiasts will get a bang out of this app!  It’s a really great way to use creativity and rhythm and wrap it into a whole lot of fun.  Can I say “I Love FREE educational apps” ?


Purchase Monkey Drum on iTunes for iPad for:  $FREE

Purchase Monkey Drum on iTunes for iPhone/Pod for:  $FREE

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  Thanks -Rebecca

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Music Theory for Beginners

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This review is for:  Music Theory for Beginners

Music Theory 

Kid/Student Ratings: **** 4/5

 Teacher/Parent Ratings: **** 5/5


Educational Value: Superior

Price: $2.99

Age Recommended: (good readers) 5 to adult

Skills Developed:  All music theory related to how it is presented on the piano

App Tested on iPad


Good Stuff about this app:  Well, I have been waiting to find an app that has all the nitty-gritty music theory for students really studying music.  I found it!

Music Theory for Beginners is a HUGE app.  I can’t believe all of the skills involved.  It truly is amazing.  I was speechless the first time I opened it.

I wonder if theory workbooks will go out of “style”?  After seeing this app, the answer is “YES”.    The day has come for all to move over to the app world for many interactive education needs.

A knowledgeable owl guides you through the lessons and lets you know when you either chose a right or wrong answer.  My favorite is when he whistles at you to hussle.  :)

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Metronome 9

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MetronomeApp Name:  Metronome 9

Tester Ratings: ***** 5/5

Educational Value: Superior

Price $.99

Recommended Ages: ALL

Skills Developed: Steady Beat

App tested on: iPad/iPhone

Good stuff about this app: My very first app I downloaded to my iPad was this metronome.  I was super excited to join the new world and have my music gadgets on hand at all times.  This metronome delivered just what it promised.  I really like the subdivision feature and that it all looks like a regular metronome.  No confusion here.   Another really nifty feature is that when you touch the “tap” button at a regular interval, the metronome picks up on the tempo.  Nice for teachers finding a certain tempo for their students!  This metronome does so much more than my old battery-sucking one in the bottom of my music bag.  There are endless tones, abilities to save tempos under song names, and the volume is pretty good also.

My Wish List:  Um.  I can’t think of any.  It’s awesome for a metronome.  My young female students would love it if there was an option for showing it in pink.  :)




To purchase this Metronome 9 on iTunes App store for: $.99

click here for iPad: Metronome 9 - SkyPaw Co. Ltd

click here for iPhone:Metronome 9 - SkyPaw Co. Ltd


Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.  -Rebecca



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Rhythm Repeat

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App Name:  Rhythm Repeat

RhythmRepeatKid/Teen Testers Ratings: ****  4/5

Mom/Teacher/Adult Ratings: **** 4/5


Educational Value:  Very Good

Fun Factor: low medium HIGH

Price:  $.99

Recommended Ages:  8 and up

Skills Developed: Rhythm Repetition

Reviewed on: iPad  (available for iPad, iPhone, iPod)

My 9 year old (drummer) son has kept me hopping with this one.  He is hooked.  We really liked this app this week!  It’s a simple “repeat this rhythm” game on steroids.

Good stuff about this app:

Trae and I worked on this app for more than a week now as well as some of my teen students.  There are more than 300 different melodies and rhythm patterns featured on this app.  The idea is to listen and watch as the pattern is played, and then repeat it back as

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Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

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App Name:  Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer


Student Testers Ratings: ****  4/5

Mom/Teacher Ratings: ***** 5/5



Educational Value:  Superior

Price:  $2.99

Recommended Ages:  7+ to adult

Skills Developed: Rhythm Reading

Reviewed on: iPad/iPhone  (available for both)

I have been using this app myself as well as had four different music students of varying level test this app.  And, the consensus is…..(drumroll)… we really like it!

Good Stuff about this app:

Okay, technology is really cool and the maker of this app has really found a good use for it within the music education world.  The metronome is spot on and your job is to tap the rhythms you see to the beat.  The app detects how close you were to being on and gives you a score at the end of the exercise.  It is really easy to change the tempo by just sliding the metal bar up and down on the classical metronome.  You can change the tones of the drum you tap and it even has the ability to change for those who are left-handed !  Wow.  Maybe this app developer has thought of everything.

I thought the ear-training feature on this app was really cool…. and really kind of advanced if you want it to be.  I obviously could use it more often.  My scores weren’t so good at first.  You just listen to the rhythm being played and then “tap” “tap” yourself and see what score you get.  It gets very advanced once you notch the rhythm up.

When used in practice mode, users can just tap tap until they have it all ready to test.  Then, you simply start the metronome to take a test.  After the test, colored notes show up to show you where exactly you tapped.  It’s kind of unnerving for professional musicians to find out they aren’t always exactly on.  Practice, practice.  Then (a super-nifty feature) you touch the envelope provided and you can email your test to your teacher.  Seriously?  How cool is that.  They receive a graphic of what you did.


My LOVE:  Brains of today crave instant feedback and a do-it-yourself possibility.  This app has all of that.  No more need for a hovering instructor waiting to poke in when you’ve made a mistake.  This app politely lets you know by your score and a color-coded graphic of where your notes are.

Our Wish List:  The striving teenagers and adults have been really liking it.  I know rhythms can be exciting, but this app just doesn’t seem to leave the younger crowd craving more.    It could improve this by offering levels or something that drives you to either go faster, repeat more, or just try to make it to the next page of 3/4 times.  Think, think.  It is a very good tool for sight reading, the littler sized peops didn’t want to keep playing it on their own,  I can assign it as a teacher/parent and they’ll gladly do it though.

Summary:  This app is absolutely AWESOME for learning how to sight read rhythms.  I wish all of my students/children would spend 10 minutes a day on it.  Good Job RolfsApps!


Buy Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer on itunes for $2.99 Now:   

iPad: Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer - Rolfs Apps
iPhone: Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer - Rolfs Apps
Have you already downloaded this app and used it?  Leave your comments here and tell us what you thought of it.  Thanks!    -Rebecca

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