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Increase Your Speed of Learning Music by Using an App

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Can music education apps really increase the speed of learning?

The answer to this is a most definite yes.

Researching, testing, and observing students who use apps to enhance their skills as learning musicians are rising, and seem to be extremely enthusiastic about it.

It has been noted that the musical skills being repeated on a device equipped with a music education app are quickly learned and deposited into short term memory.    The student then continues to “play” the app for a longer amount of time since the presentation is often quirky or fun.

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iOS Apps for Music Education

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The best of music education is here!  I am thrilled to see so many developers working on true music education apps for iOS devices.

It is an honor to be in the front of the app world watching 21st century education unfold.

I have always been a serial-learner and a go-getter both.  With how simple it is to get my hands on otherwise impossible to find education, I feel exhilarated to say the least.

I watch the light bulbs go on quicker and quicker in my students and children.  It’s almost sad that we didn’t have this kind of technology a few years ago.  We have no excuse not to learn anything we desire.

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