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Bass Drop Dubstep HD – The Most Expansive Dubstep Sampler and Keyboard – Published on 12/14/12
Fresh Touch Media who reached number one on the app store with Bass Drop for iPhone, today introduces Bass Drop Dubstep HD 1.0, the ideal app for Dubstep fans and producers looking to quickly perform beats, basslines and dirty Dubstep sounds. The new and improved iPad version features a larger interface, new jam screen, three saving banks, hundreds of new sounds, twelve extra sample pads, in-app purchasing, low ram mode and many more improvements.
Sheffield, United Kingdom – Dubstep fans and producers can now smoothly perform bass lines and soundscapes using Bass Drop Dubstep HD 1.0. The app combines a keyboard and wobble bass synthesizer with a sound fx sampling pads. The convenient user interface facilitates multi-layer sound arrangements whilst briskly altering various samples and adding personalized character using the pitch and LFO (low frequency oscillation) controls.
It’s the perfect dubstep production aid for newbies, as well as budding and professional producers wanting to quickly jam ideas or create electronic sounds. Users can speedily select drum loops and edit the sample pads whilst performing a wobble bass line with the built in synthesizer to create arrangements.
The Wobble Bass Keyboard features an LFO rate adjuster that modifies the tonality and rate of your wobble sounds with a single press, rapid octave shifting, on the fly pitch bending and volume envelope adjustment, offering extended transformation of bass lines. Three synthesizer sound banks are included but more are available via in-app purchase.
Each sample pad provides swift adjustment and full customization of pitch, volume and sample loop durations via the edit menu. A large bank of sounds is available, including drum loops, percussion, risers, bass sounds and special fx and can be further expanded with in-app purchase features.
The new ‘Matrix’ screen swaps the keyboard for 12 extra pads and lets users edit and arrange up to 24 touch triggered pads, massively increasing the combination of soundscape arrangements, which can now be saved in up to 3 different banks using the edit menu.
Features: * Studio quality samples, created by professional producers * Huge bank of over 300 wobble bass synth variations * 28 bass one shots, 26 drum loops, 10 assorted loops and 19 extra FX included * In-app Purchase to unlock 48 more bass one shots and 30 more sound FX * Load and save up to 3 different sound bank layouts. * Colour assigned buttons, for clear and straightforward use * Pitch adjustment for all samples * 24 fully editable sample pads * 1 octave keyboard (13 keys) with pitch bending spanning 5 octaves * 3 different wobble synthesizers * Volume envelope and synthesizer global volume adjustment
Device Requirements: * iPad * Requires iOS 4.3 or later * 23.5 MB
Pricing and Availability: Bass Drop Dubstep HD 1.0 is free until December 21st 2012 and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

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