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Review Requests:

To request a review of your educational music app simply send us a promotional code including: name of app, educational purpose, and an email. You will receive an unbiased review from us as soon as possible. We do not guarantee that your app will be featured on this site. My (our) standards are high and we only feature what we see as appropriate.  Reviews are free of charge.


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Advertising with us has many advantages. Your app logo will be seen on every single page of this website. You may add blinkies to advertise your app as well. Placement is first come first serve. Top Large Main Slider$150 per month (3 available), Size: 958x200px. Featuring$55 per month, Top Sidebar, Size:250x250px.(2 available) Sponsors$35 per month, Sidebar under about me, Size: 150x150px. (16 available)

*Note: All sponsors get notices of their app tweeted to my list every single week!


Join the Music Education Movement already in progress!

We cannot leave proper music education solely to public or even private schools. An iOS or similar device in every home to supplement music education would be so ideal! I asked Cha Cha how many musicians there are in our world. The answer: Over 85 million! That number does not include those who are considered still learning (although musicians are never finished learning). Many of the apps we feature here at MusiciansWithApps are designed to teach, enhance, and stimulate the mind for music. I aim to find them all as they are released. I use them at home with my own children. I use them in my own practice and performance sessions. I use them in my teaching studio. Do you? You can trust that I use these apps myself and with my children and students on a daily basis and can give a superb review.


Site Statistics:

This site is brand new. (December 27 2011) Statistics will be posted here when available. (give it a little time… and tell your friends!)

As of October 20, 2012:

I am ranked #1 AND #2 on Google… STILL!!   -keyword search: music education apps

We are ranked #3 & 4 in Yahoo and Bing -keyword search: music education apps

And we are ranked #1 for AOL.

2:12 average time on site with 2.6 pages per visit

Several Tweets from my site daily with a growing amount of followers:1,400+

Facebook posts daily as well 582+ likes

81.46% of visits are eng-US

Visitors: about 4,139 this month

Bounce rate from those on my mailing list has been 0%  (aswesome!)

My open rate for the mailing list is 81.8%


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Boy, oh boy I’d love some sponsors to help me keep this site going… and wouldn’t you just love to have your app be the first thing music app seekers see when they search and land on my site?

I will help you arrange payment and your add will appear within 24 hours.  It’s that easy!  Glad you found us.

For those of you who have read this whole page and are interested in advertising, I’ll give you 2 months for the price of one (offer will end sometime …soon!).  Code words: I Read The Whole Thing

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