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About Us

Hi, I’m Rebecca.  I am an active music teacher, a professional performing musician, and a mom of young musicians with apps.  I love apps.  The speed and ease of learning is incredible with today’s technology and I tend to use it to its fullest.


Meet just some my team of Music App Testers:


You can catch videos of these reviews on our site pages as well as YouTube.



Some of my testers range in ages 2 – 21, girls and boys:

App Reviewers







We include pianists, violinists, guitarists, flutists, vocalists, drummers, and range from the very young and very beginner to the very advanced musician.


More about Rebecca: A music teacher and performer, Rebecca has a passion for creating vibrant and beautiful arrangements in many different styles.  Classically trained with Irish/Scandanavian roots, Rebecca has a natural ability for all genres. She is heavily involved in the different aspects of music including performance coaching, promotion, public relations, festival organization, and recording production.  Her own recordings have been used for several documentaries and she has used her coaching skills to enhance lives of musicians around the globe as well as in her own home.



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