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App Name: Recorder

Kid Tester Ratings: ***** 4/5

Teacher/Parent Ratings: ***** 5/5


(I couldn’t get the correct icon for this app – it’s blue with an upright mic on it, but my links will take you to the correct one, don’t worry.)





Educational Value: Superior (if used as such)

Price: $2.99

Age Recommended: n/a

Skills Developed: Recording capabilities with clear sound!  Ease of e-mailing.

App Tested on iPad/iPhone


Good Stuff about this app: I downloaded this Recorder app after I learned that most audio recordings sound pretty yucky if just used with the default recorder on an iPad or iPhone.  I searched and searched and finally found this one.  Good thing I did!  This is probably THE most used app in my teaching studio.

This app is powerful.  It records will really great sound.  I use it to record myself playing practice “spots” or other important clips and accompaniments (me playing).  I then email them to the student who needs it with the touch of one little e-mail button.  Seriously, does it get easier than this?  It has been incredibly beneficial to my students.

Just a side-note (away from the teaching studio), I opened this app while grandpa was telling an important story about his childhood.  I captured it all and then quickly emailed it to the rest of my siblings.  It is easy and sounds FABULOUS!


My Wish List: This app is really neato, but I tell you (maybe it’s just me) I really want an easier, quicker way to name these recordings.  I get bothered when I have to xxxxxxx backspace a million times over their words “New Recording” after having to: it once,  2. tap “here” to change name and  3. then delete and rename.  Probably because I am always in a hurry.  That’s all.

My Love: I can’t believe how good a live recording sounds with this app.  It really is the most convenient way to get a live recording to someone.  It’s just all built in!

Summary:  All-in-all, this Recorder app is one of the most sweet things to have entered my teaching studio’s life.  Besides, I use it for my own practicing ALL the time.  It’s really quite handy!

Purchase Recorder on iTunes for iPad here for:  $2.99 Ω Recorder - Voice Memos, Audio Recorder, and more! - Fishington Studios
Purchase Recorder on iTunes for iPhone here for: $2.99 Ω Recorder - Voice Memos, Audio Recorder, and more! - Fishington Studios

Have you already downloaded and used this app?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!  -

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